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Join me as I document my natural hair and weight loss journey!
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My hair seriously has mind of its own sometimes. I just embrace it..

Im sure you’ve all heard the saying “you cant compare apples to oranges” When I assess my progress I like to make sure my hair was in the same style to avoid faulty conclusions… Here I’m looking at 6 months progress of my wash and go and my twist out.. Pretty much my main two styles in my repertoire 😌#naturalhair #naturalhairjourney

Made a vegetarian inspired brunch tostada today.. Tortillas, black beans, egg whites, salsa and avocado.. All under 500 calories!

Embracing the day before washday creativity..

Tried a new wash and go combo today and I’m very pleased with the results… Will post products details later.. (Hint: does not include flaxseed gel 😮)

I do ALOT of wash and go’s.. And get alot of questions about products.. I’ve mostly learned through trial and error.. In fact, I tried to do one this morning but I had no gel on hand so had to resort to plan B.. The styler you choose or choose not to use makes a difference.
If you’re going for the super defined somewhat weighted down curls Eco styler is your best bet. Conditioner, good definition yet no hold..
Aloe Vera, ehh.. Didn’t do much for me
Flaxseed gel, defined curls that aren’t weighted down..


It’s Yada’s Birthday so….



One of the most important meals of the day is breakfast, but you already know that. It prevents you from overeating throughout the day, boost your metabolism, keeps you energized and focused.

A common problem with breakfast is finding time to make it. It seems a lot easier to stop at a…



If you were to ask a class of elementary school students what their favorite food was, most of their answers would be “pizza”. If you were to ask a college campus what their favorite food was, most of their answers would be “pizza”. If you were to ask me what my favorite food was, I would…

Desert time!!

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Eating healthy isn’t easy when you’re busy. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and prepare your meals in advance if you can. I am leaving town in the morning for a 12 hour road trip. I usually make Jeremy’s lunch everyday before work. He gets sick of fast food and would rather eat…

Next weeks meal prep!

I spent my lunch break cultivating awareness and experiencing the present moment with openness and curiosity.. went to a guided mindfulness meditation accompanied by ancient Tibetan singing bowls.. Did you take time out for you today??

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How do you get your hair so shiny, defined, and with no frizz when it's loose?
juices-and-berries juices-and-berries Said:

Thanks. LOC method (leave in, oil, then cream) all day.. every day.. sleep on a satin pillow case.. and as much as I like too, I try not to touch my hair as much as humanly possible…

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello Hello!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blog ... to say the least. I am a little over 5 weeks into my natural hair care journey though I was relaxer free ~5 years before then. I'm having the all-too-normal ups and downs of this process but I'm trying to stay encouraged (thanks for your words of inspiration!) Any tips on the first three months as your hair becomes accustomed? I'm product experimenting, LOC'ing, DC'ing regularly but its still dry :-/
juices-and-berries juices-and-berries Said:

Thanks love.. I mean it sounds like you’re doing everything right.. and by “dry” do you mean it doesn’t have that “wet” look??? you know what I am talking about.. I wanted to be wet and wavy too but sometimes you just have to accept your hair texture for what it is and focus on making it HEALTHY which it sounds like you’re doing.. Hang in there boo!